Richard Lockyer

Richard enjoys a varied career both leading and coaching senior leaders and young people. He has been in educational leadership for over 20 years.  He has worked both with secondary and primary school children – coaching many young people towards success.  

He is the Executive Director and Lead Performance Coach for Jariram.  He has developed two nationally renowned coaching models – DR ICE and CARDS which help young people gain awareness of themselves, motivating and driving them forward.  Richard is also the CEO of OLEVI which works alongside many schools facilitating the OTP, ITP and OTAP.

Jeanette Lockyer

Jeanette is a highly qualified lead care professional and social worker who has worked with young people for over 26 years. Her experience in an outstanding secondary school as a coach and facilitator in care related matters is a rewarding role. 

Jeanette is the Operational Director and a Youth Impact Coach for Jariram. Jeanette enjoys seeing the positive impact that her coaching provides. 

All our professional consultants and coaches are qualified, CRB checked and fully insured to undertake our commissioned work.  We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.
Rebecca Lockyer

Rebecca is very much part of what we stand for at Jariram.  Even at 9 years old she is asking quality probing questions, developing her sense of self-worth and challenging her parents!

Her main role in Jariram is to post the letters on the way to school in the mornings.  As you will understand - one of the most important roles in the business!  She has now progressed into more of a leadership position - as you can see, 'Person in Charge of sticky post-its!!'

Her insightful posters are mounted on the walls in the offices upstairs keeping us thinking and smiling through the weeks.  We love her dearly.

Michael Parker

Michael has enjoyed 30 years experience as an inspirational educationalist and influential leader. A Geographer by trade, he offers considerable support in the design of bespoke programmes and resources. He is also a very experienced personal coach who has the ability to both support the learner and challenge the limiting beliefs of people in a self-empowering manner.

Michael is our creative consultant. His experience as a high-level coach, strategic thinker and a creative motivator is helping Jariram grow and develop into an outstanding and innovative organisation.

Chris McGeehan

Chris has been working in primary education for over 13 years and has been described as an 'outstanding, motivational practitioner'. As well as successfully leading a range of subjects in schools, one of Chris' responsibilities was acting as a tutor for trainee teachers as well as mentoring newly qualified teachers through challenging situations.

Chris became more interested in coaching when he completed a leadersip programme. Since then, Chris has employed these techniques in different aspects of his career and is keen to further his skills in this area.  Over the years Chris has been described as a creative, inspirational professional that promotes optimism and success in others. We welcome him to a full time role within Jariram in January 2013.

Aaron Bhatti

Aaron is Jariram's Programme Co-ordinator.  He is a bright and enthusiastic young man who is enjoying finalising his Youth Coaching skills.  Aaron is studying for his A levels and is looking forward to a career in Economics and Accountancy.  

We are confident that his pleasant manner, keen eye for design and potential coaching skills will bring a fresh approach to our business team and benefit our Youth Impact work significantly. 

Professional & Personal Coaching
Ben Cutting

We are very pleased that Ben has joined Jariram as one of our trainee Youth Coaches and Programme facilitators.  He is an intelligent and creative addition to the team.  

Ben is studying for his A levels and is looking forward to a career as a commercial pilot. We are sure that working as a coach will bring him many life skills that  will be valuable to him in his future endeavours.  He is ambitious, motivated and a driven ambassador for coaching.  We wish him well.

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Kevin Bishop

Kevin is enjoying a successful career both as an actor and as a comedian, writing and performing both on television and in film.  He has a passion for helping young people to achieve their dreams and  a genuine belief that  talented individuals are able to reach their full potential, through the impact of coaching.

Kevin is the Ambassador for Jariram Youth Impact and is dedicated to the concept of coaching young people to be more confident, assertive and resilient, thus  enabling them to visualise and realise their personal aspirations for the future.