Jariram Ltd is an outstanding educational coaching business. Working in partnership with OLEVI International and The T.L.P.A, we believe in leading personal change, motivating and inspiring clients.  As innovators of successful personal development programmes, Jariram has developed a unique coaching model.  CARDS creates sustainable success from the coaching process. How could CARDS support you?

  How could you or your organisation benefit from professional coaching? 
  What would you gain from investing in a coaching relationship?
  How would this bring a new dimension and a new direction to you?

Jariram's Coaching Model

Jariram has developed a coaching model that explores awarenes, action and achievement ...
Jariram's Educational Model

DR ICE  is an educational  model that enables participants to deepen their thinking ... 
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Read more about DR ICE here ...
Professional & Personal Coaching

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The Head Boy Head Girl Leadership Programme draws to a close, it has been a privilege getting to know these outstanding future leaders and we wish them all the success they deserve! 

We are proud to be hosting a wide range of OLEVI Programmes: 

  • the OTP and ITP refreshers are taking place in London, Manchester & Birmingham
  • OTAP TTT and the OFP are in London in June & July
  • the APOC Cohort 3 finalises in July at Jariram

Thank you to all delegates for your continued support.  Please visit OLEVI.com for more information. 

The Thinking and Learning Professional Alliance has launched! We are now preparing for our final event of the year at Jariram. Congratulations to Ros Bartlett for being the first Fellow of the TLPA.  Please contact Eddie on eddie@thetlpa.com for further information.

Have a good summer break.

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